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Encompass Integration

AppraisalPro Encompass Integration

The AppraisalPro Encompass Integration provides clients with the tools and features that are vital to manage their appraisal pipeline directly from Services View in Encompass. Our team will enable the use of this system to eventually allow direct import into the safest Appraisal Management Software – the Traklogix system. We believe this tool will provide significant efficiency gains to clients utilizing the Encompass Platform. Complete your order right from the loan file in Encompass — in minutes and quickly import complete appraisal reports directly into your eFolder.


These are the impressive features available through the new interface

Feature Description
Population of Loan File Fields to Order Screen Nearly all fields required to request an appraisal now populate directly to the order form
User Association Staff members placing orders may now associated additional users with an order to ensure they receive all necessary updates
Multiple Document Upload The updated interface allows ordering users to upload multiple documents during order placement
Comprehensive Pipeline Management Users can access, monitor and update all orders available through their profile in the Pipeline screen
Status Update Feed This feature provides real time status updates in an easily accessible log from the Pipeline screen

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