TILA-RESPA To Be Discussed By MBA’s Special Guest

TILA-RESPA To Be Discussed By MBA’s Special Guest


MBA’s 101’th Conference – TILA-RESPA Discussion

Pavaso is hosting an exclusive event today, Monday, Oct. 20 in Las Vegas, with special guest Nicole Johnson, who will share insights on overcoming change and adversity with Mark McElroy, CEO and president of Pavaso. The two will discuss TILA-RESPA and evolving your business digital transformation. They are due to mention how SAAS technology, such as TrakLogix is beneficial to lenders, AMCs, and Appraisers

During the event, Pavaso will also be releasing a short book titled “The Digital Transformation of Mortgage: The American Dream Reborn,” which outlines the bigger issues that the industry is facing.

“Today’s business environment presents some big challenges that require a collaborative discussion. We wanted to gather industry thought-leaders since we’d all be in the same location anyway,” McElroy said.

“This is a forum to share a vision that gets the industry to the next level. Businesses are realizing that they’ll need powerful technology partners to leverage as cost-effective solution providers to big challenges. We want to make sure we do our part by facilitating that conversation to keep things moving,” he added.

If you would like to attend the event, there are still a few slots left. Please email Matt Corcoran at [email protected]


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