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Automated and Customized Tools

Easy Customization
Let us customize AppraisalPro to meet YOUR needs. We can brand it to become your platform – we have the flexibility to incorporate your lender approved and personalized USPAP review guidelines. Our appraisal management software is SSAE 16 compliant, so you don’t need to worry about the security of your important documents.
Stay Compliant
AppraisalPro gives you the confidence you need to ensure regulatory compliance while effectively managing your company. Our automatic audit tracking of all order communications and action keeps you consistently in due diligence. We even offer additional compliance checks with our SmartCheck system. Contact us today for more info.
Time Management
Follow federal and state requirements for lenders and appraisers, and control turn time of property inspections to stay organized and manage your business. Let AppraisalPro manage your vendor panel for you, so you can stay up-to-date on everything you need without putting in extra work. We even offer the option of a fully integrated calendar to keep track of all your business needs.
Why should you choose AppraisalPro?

Automated and customized tools allow individual users to choose which notifications they receive and how.  Keep all of your relevant documentation in one centralized location for audit control using an appraisal management tool that is easy to understand from a Software as a Service Company that doesn’t ditch Customer Service.

We provide you with the appraisal management system and the constant support to grow your business that you not only want but demand. Don’t settle for less, be enthusiastic with AppraisalPro.

Increase your productivity from our platform while abiding by the latest banking regulations and appraiser requirements. We separate loan officers from the appraiser selection process, and update you on the latest federal and state specific updates. Never doubt whether you are in compliance with the law again! Finally, an appraisal software that not only keeps you compliant now – but keeps you compliant always.

USPAP requires appraisers to have Geographical Competence. With AppraisalPro, you can easily chose appraisers based off many qualifying factors – including Geographic Competency.This means your chosen appraiser will have direct working knowledge of the local market to help them better analyze and portray the important features that influence the value. AppraisalPro includes map integration right on the order. As soon as the order is entered, you can quickly view a standard road-view (as if you were there!), or zoom out for a quick location map of the area. An easy and free surrogate for aerial views.


About Us

AppraisalPro is a new online appraisal management software. We utilize the latest in technology to facilitate the appraisal process. This software currently has two versions, one used by banks, brokerages and mortgage firms, the other used by Appraisers. It will help you quickly and efficiently handle everything associated with the appraisal process.