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Appraisal management software features that are revolutionizing the mortgage industry

Maintain full control of your in-house appraisal management process and stay organized with our user-friendly interface that allows you to easily upload reports, communicate with your vendors and update orders. AppraisalPro offers Appraisal Management Solutions customized to fit your needs with its unique software features.

With our software, you can see up to a 60% reduction time in your appraisal process by utilizing our automated tracking, QC Checks, Reports, etc. But just because we’re easy to use, doesn’t mean we lack the features you need. AppraisalPro comes fully equipped to handle everything your company needs to do.

Easy To Use















Completely customizable, AppraisalPro is individually branded to you. Our system color codes important information for you, so you can view at a glance what is most important. Easily integrate specific appraisal, order, etc instructions to automatically merge into the platform.

Our platform has been consistently rated as the easiest to use in the industry. No more struggling with complex designs and confusing procedures. AppraisalPro makes it simple. And your personal account manager is available for any additional training you or your staff may ever require.

Billing & Invoicing












Even manage your accounting – you can even choose to have borrowers pay electronically for appraisals over our secure line. Send invoices, post payments and verify your outgoing payments with all of your detailed transactions available easily.

With AppraisalPro, you no longer have to worry about having multiple suites of information. You have the option of having an entire Accounting Suite easily accessible from your software. Focus on growing your business while we will take care of organizing all your transactions in one place.

Mapping Integration

AppraisalPro has Mapping Integration. This allows you to view the appraisal location from a map, and helps verify the address on the order – saving you time later. Never again question the authenticity of an address again. As soon as the order is entered, you can zoom for a road-side view of the property, or zoom out for a quick satellite view of the neighborhood.

Vendor Management

Let AppraisalPro manage your vendor panel for you. AppraisalPro‘s system automatically labels Appraisers inactive when their license expires. View from a glance (and in depth) everything you need to know. From licenses to certifications, vendor management is easy with AppraisalPro.


AppraisalPro was built from the ground up to center on communication. Our system automatically keeps your entire staff informed. Receive updates via text and/or email throughout the entire process. Maintain Dodd-Frank compliance with our double-blind communication system while ensuring your staff is equipped to handle every order.

Integrate Your Documents

We’ll integrate your QC checklists, tax cards, purchase contracts, personalized invoices, road maintenance agreements, or any other documentation that your business requires.

You can have any document customized to meet your needs. Even your Compliance Certificates can auto-generate with the loan number, address, date of inspection on your Company’s letterhead. At AppraisalPro, we make it our business to make your business successful.

Because Your Business Is Unique

Every client has different ways of doing business and we strive to find the best way to serve you personally, by providing one-on-one customer service and adapting our services to best suit your needs. Every customer is assigned a personal account manager they can reach immediately – whenever they need. We want YOU to know YOU COME FIRST. AppraisalPro is an Appraisal Management Software Company tailored to your needs.

Because You Have Better Things To Do

AppraisalPro helps you manage your appraisals so you always know where you are in the process. This allows you to focus your valuable resources and dedicate more time to your core business. With software features customized to help you meet your needs, AppraisalPro saves time AND money by allowing you to track, manage and organize your time, accounting, and entire appraisal process. AppraisalPro has successfully completed the rigourous independent audit to be SSAE 16 compliant, thus offering you the safest software available for your Appraisal Management System.

Because You Come First

Customer Service has always been the core of our business. We strive to make you happy by providing the best customer service in the industry. You will be given a personal account manager you can reach at any time. Never again will you have to wait on hold – or listen to an automated system. Have your secure platform customized to your company. Get what you want – when you want it. AppraisalPro will give you the management you want, with the speed and compliance your company demands.

Personalized To You

  • Upload Optional Documents
  • Private Label Site Branded For You
  • Unlimited Users
  • Preset updated status options for all users
  • Interactive Presentations

Easy To Use

  • Birds-Eye View Of Everything Your Company Is Doing
  • Free Setup And Training Consultation
  • Map Integration
  • Instantly send and recieve notes regarding orders
  • Flag, Mark, Or Notate Orders For Follow-Up

Stay Compliant

  • Updates On Regulations
  • Automated license and E&O tracking for appraisers
  • E-Commerce Integrations
  • Email Portals
  • Interactive Presentations